UX Design

We want your online business to succeed, and that’s why every aspect of what your customer interacts with is important, including your design. Design not only needs to be attractive but it needs to speak to the user, and it needs to say “We’re here to solve your problems, we have the solutions”.

UX research becomes a strong tool that we can use to assess what motivates the user, and we take full advantage of this information to support the design process and decisions.

We want to create an experience that users will gladly share with others.

Design for a purpose

User Interface Solutions

For us at Distil Digital, it all comes down to your customer’s experience and that’s why we focus on what will excite and please them the most on their journey with your business.Happy customer equals happy company, and that’s why User Interface (UI) design is something you definitely want to invest in because it has the ability to increase your ROI.We start by setting guidelines that specify topics like style, layout, colours, fonts and technical constraints. You’ll find that these guidelines are particularly helpful as they’ll make developing and expanding in the future much easier.


Benefits Of Web Application interface Design

User Interface or UI design, can help your customer get what they want from your website quickly and easily, it’s an integral puzzle piece in the user experience.

User Experience or UX, basically sums up every part of your company that your customer comes into contact with online. It’s your website, software, email and ad campaigns,social media accounts and even your customer service. All of these aspects work together and affects your customers opinions about your business and their overall experience.


Look & Feel Framework

Our objective is to create a design system that let’s your customer have a fully integrated experience. We work alongside your team to come up with colours, styles and layouts that embody your brand the best. Every part of the design framework is created in the same style for easy incorporation into new pages, so that you maintain a successful recipe that works seamlessly with any new project direction.


Creative Guidelines

UI design should never be overlooked because having a strong focus in this area can improve your ROI quite significantly as it will add to the user experience.Our GUI designs are top notch and we can’t wait to start creating a new experience for your customer with you.

Case Studies

Benefits of Worppress
  • UX design cuts down development costs
  • Boosts revenue growth
  • It drives customer interaction with your content
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • UX design stimulates word-of-mouth
  • UX design keeps you from wasting resources
Landing Page FAQs
  • The Difference Between UX and UI Design?
    UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design.

Keep in mind!

You want to improve your visitors experience while engaging with your product, and this is why UX design is so vital. It’s all about making sure that the customer finds what you’re providing to be of value to them, that they find it simple enough and enjoyable.

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