Marli Ritter

Marli Ritter

Product Designer / UX Specialist

I’m a cat lady from Cape Town, who lives (almost exclusively) for UX and wine. Since I can remember, I’ve been curious about how people interact with the world around them – with other people, nature, science and technology. This healthy curiosity in human behavioural patterns led me to UX. Throughout my career I’ve explored many facets of the digital world. Marketing, Education, Design and Development but my love affair with UX started when I discovered that I wasn’t satisfied with focusing on only one of these disciplines. I wanted more! I wanted to understand why people make certain decisions when using a digital product. With both my creative & technical background I realised I’m capable to formulate better solutions for digital products due to a wider understanding of product development. I enjoy taking a concept and fleshing it out with the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process, from research, concept, design, development and testing to ensure the end result is not just a beautiful product but also a functional one that’s loved by real people.

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UX research, UX strategy, Wireframing & Prototyping, Value proposition, Usability Heuristic Analysis, Information Architecture, Sitemap, User journeys, Task flows, User testing, Focus groups, Service Design. Concept design, User Interface Design, UI elements, UI interactions, Material Design Guidelines, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Mobile UI Design, Product Design, Style guide, Corporate Identity.

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