POS System

Give your business the online presence it deserves

Sell in-store, at retail events, pop-up stores and even online. With all sales channels in one POS software, our POS manage all aspects of your retail business.


Simplify operations with centralized inventory

Sell online and process refunds in person

Sell in person, ship to home

What is a POS Systems

A POS system allows you to accept credit cards anywhere, that means no matter where your customers are, you’ll be able to sell to them.

You’ll need a suitable system integration to ensure a high level of efficiency in your business. 


Why use a POS System:

Online POS systems make it so simple to manage orders from just about any device because they’re automatically synced, so you can stay on track with your system no matter your location. It allows you to view transactions, print receipts and do refunds day or night, wherever you are.

It’s important that we understand every detail of your supply chain in order to best suggest which areas will need to be automated and give you the best advice possible for running your POS system with the least amount of hassle possible and at minimum cost.

Functions of POS Systems:

  • Retail POS on any device, Anywhere.

Our POS software works on any iPad, PC and Mac. Don’t be limited to just working behind a counter next to clunky hardware.

Our POS also works offline so you can sell even when internet is down. This makes it more reliable and faster compared to generic cloud POS systems.

  • Synced inventory

Your inventory is synced so it will be updated right away, whether the sale was made in store, online or on a mobile device.

  • Stay up to speed with your daily cash flow

Easily manage your daily cash flow with your POS system. Stay on top of all your daily payment totals and even your float conveniently from your POS. It makes managing things like cash register adjustments and staff changes easy and accessible.

  • Easily manage staff accounts

POS systems allow you to easily manage staff accounts, staff change-overs are a breeze, simply add new staff accounts for each member of staff. Each individual will have their own account with their own pin code to access it.

Because every member of staff has their own account, you can quickly and easily inspect account history and activity.

  • Stay up to speed with your sales and growth

Reports let you keep track of your in-store and online sales and customers. You can check which products sell really well and which ones don’t.

Analytics keeps you informed on how your sales are performing in comparison to previous months. This is valuable information and can help you make better decisions when growing your business

  • Synchronize online and retail customers

Customer information from your POS can be synced with your online store allowing you to reference their order history regardless of where the order was placed.

Case Studies

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Benefits of our POS System

Our POS includes everything you need to effectively run and grow your retail business.

  • Point of sale
  • Integrated eComm
  • Integrated payments
  • Inventory
  • Gift cards
  • Loyalty
  • Inventory counts
  • Customer profiles
  • Multi-store
  • Reporting
POS System FAQs
  • Why should I use POS Software?

A POS system is software package that is frequently packaged with an accompanying compatible hardware package used to organize and operate your business.

  • What software can I integrate with?

Our POS software seamlessly integrates with industry leading accounting, eCommerce, payments & marketing apps.

Xero, QuickBooks, BigCommerce, Shopify WooCommerce, MailChimp, Tyro, Vantiv, Mint Payments & PayPal


Keep in mind!

A POS in the retail environment consists of both software and hardware. This could be in the form of manual and electronic cash registers, scanners, touch-screen terminals and many more.

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