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eWarehousing Explained

Our eWarehouse Solutions allows you to control and manage your stock and the running of your supply chain remotely within the warehouses, and it lets you have an overview all your stock activity.

To accommodate for the growth of online businesses, we have developed and installed  with our partners a pick, pack and shipping service designed for the business to business and business to consumer market.

Why choose eWarehousing:

Our partners have joined forces with competing couriers, so we can ensure that you get the most affordable and competitive delivery prices. With us, you get fast and affordable delivery with real-time tracking alerts so you can monitor orders from the warehouse all the way to the customer.

  • Lower Operating Costs

Renting warehouse space, equipment, packing supplies and maintenance etc, all contribute to your overhead costs. This makes outsourcing fulfillment a great decision for your business, you reap the all the benefits, without suffering those costly capital expenditures.

  • Improves Scalability

When the volume of orders your business is receiving begins to far outweigh your capacity to fulfill them, this often results in poor performance and a poor reputation. Fulfillment companies already have the resources in place to handle those rapid increase in order volumes, this allows businesses easier access to foreign markets, and with minimal investment too.

  • Ready to scale your ecommerce business?

Saving on costs can make make your business boom, that’s reason enough to outsource fulfillment with us.

The seamless integration with your favorite eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon, allows you to have everything set up with a few quick clicks.

How we achieve this:

One of the main benefits of partnering with an order fulfillment company is the amount of experience they have to offer.

Businesses such as this have experienced employees, custom software and equipment to make fulfillment as smooth and easy as possible. Their order picking, packaging, and shipping processes are streamlined to ensure fast and accurate processing.

A variety of storage options

The “chaotic storage” methodology at Parcelninja ensures that similar products don’t get stored together to eliminate confusion and mistakes. There are a variety of storage options for your products, including temperature controlled areas, heavy duty racking, high value goods area and many more.

Our partners’ warehouses implement a “chaotic storage” methodology, this ensures that products that are very similar don’t get stored in the same locations. By using this method, there is little to no room for confusion and errors. There are many storage options available for your products, these include temperature controlled areas, heavy duty racking, high value goods area and many more.

Case Studies

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Benefits of eWarehouses
  • Capacity for high volume of orders

  • Higher sales capacity

  • Save on delivery costs

  • Real-time tracking of stock

eWarehouse FAQs
  • How are the goods stored?

Warehousing depends entirely on the goods, but generally EUR and FIN pallets are stored on pallet shelves or mass storage places. Smaller quantities (boxes/containers) can be stored on small item shelves.

  • Do I have to do the warehouse inventory myself?

No, you don’t as we will take care of the inventory at the agreed time.

Keep in mind!

With eWarehousing, the warehouse management deals with the processes involving the maintainance and organisation of the warehouse. They will always have a detailed process in place to ensure that a high standard of efficiency is maintained in the warehouse at all times.

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