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At Distil Digital, we help you set up and sell on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon and Google Shopping, optimising as we go along for optimal user-experience.

By selling on social media and online sales channels, you gain much-needed exposure for your business, and the more platforms you’re on, the more exposure you’ll get.


Make sales on Facebook with your own Facebook store. When you use Shopify, you can display your Shopify products on your Facebook page with the Facebook sales channel, which is included in Shopify paid plans.

Once the Facebook sales channels are all set up, a Shop section will be created on your Facebook page. All of your online store products will be displayed in your shop, which lets you switch up your products, review sales, and fulfil orders.


Having a business account on Facebook allows you to monetize on your Instagram Feed by tagging products in your posts. This will allow your customers to purchase an item from your online store by simply tapping a link. It’s as easy as that!


By using Pinterest sales channels, you can create “buyable” pins that have links to your online store products. Buyable pins enable your customers to shop your products directly on Pinterest, while allowing your Pinterest orders to get fed directly through to your online store’s admin.


Keep track of your products and orders across Amazon and our CMS. Amazon allows you to create listings for new products, create and manage offers for existing products, link your existing Amazon listings to your admin, and receive notifications on your store for your Amazon orders.

Google Shopping

Automatically sync your products and online store details with the Google Merchant Center using the Google Shopping channel available on our CMS. Once you’ve synced with Google Merchant Center, you can generate marketing campaigns On Google Shopping using Google Ads.


  • Web Design & Development
  • UX & Landing Page Design
  • POS System 
  • Card Readers
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media


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