eCommerce Solutions

We provide practical eCommerce solutions that will make the running of your e-shop a breeze. Payments terminals make it so convenient for your customers to purchase products. With the accounting software integration possibilities, management of your website becomes smoother and easier.

POS System

Being able to accept credit cards anywhere that you are, means you’ll be able to meet your customer’s needs wherever they are. The order and payment flow are a breeze, allowing you to easily manage your customers and business.
Use any device to easily sign in and compare results over a period of time to find the best possible solutions.

Card Reader

By using Yoco card readers, you’ll be able to accept all major debit and credit cards without having to pay a monthly fee or being bound to a fixed contract. Setup your Yoco card reader in no time, they’re convenient and are compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Suitable for businesses of any size, and once you’ve paid for it, you own it, with no hidden costs besides a small transaction fee. In fact, as soon as your sales increase, your transaction rates decrease.


Building eCommerce solutions that are unique to your needs is important to us, and Shopify lets us achieve that. Dreaming big? Shopify is able to handle large inventory, it also offers endless integration possibilities, allowing us to integrate with social media for increased sales channels.
We have a standard process that lays the foundation for all our projects, we then build on that to meet your unique requirements and target market. We develop successful strategies so our clients can go on to run successful companies.


You can order supported hardware from our Hardware Store. If you’re bringing your own hardware, then make sure it is supported by our eSolution Software.

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