Web Design & Development

The design of your website is so important to your brand because it’s the first touchpoint for your customer. Our aim is to create solutions that express the identity of your brand, using CVI, UX, and UI. Making use of WordPress & Shopify allows us to fine-tune every aspect of your website, making it user-friendly.


We use WordPress to create web-pages for any screen, whether desktop, mobile or tablet. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, and for a good reason. WordPress helps us maintain a sustainable standard of web development, helping you to grow your business faster.
Every business has unique requirements, we aim to fulfil them. From migrating content from webpages, WordPress plugin and script development to the integration of sales and booking systems, WordPress lets us do just that.


Building eCommerce solutions that are unique to your needs is important to us, and Shopify lets us achieve that. Dreaming big? Shopify is able to handle large inventory, it also offers endless integration possibilities, allowing us to integrate with social media for increased sales channels.

We have a standard process that lays the foundation for all our projects, we then build on that to meet your unique requirements and target market. We develop successful strategies so our clients can go on to run successful companies.

UX Design

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Landing Pages

We analyse the motivations of your visitors. We want to know who they are and why they convert, this helps us to reverse engineer a strategy that they can’t resist.
What good are high conversion rates without the bottom line? Our goal is to get higher conversion rates that actually equate to an increased ROI.

When it comes to landing pages, we let the statistics speak for themselves. This is the best way to separate a great landing page from a weak one.



  • Web Design & Development
  • UX & Landing Page Design
  • POS System 
  • Card Readers
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media


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