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The Client: 

Distil Digital got approached by an Advertising Agency, they created a new website for Mavericks. After the new website went live, their client’s website started ranking poorly for their top keywords and organic traffic decreased. Distil Digital was on-boarded to fix the problem, and recover the organic traffic.

The Solution:

The SEO specialists redirected all the old pages to new relevant URL and created extra landing pages, while maintaining the new clean design. The copy was optimised with relevant keywords that were found in the old copy and we went through the list of backlinks, ensuring that none of the backlinks were lost, just in case all the old URLs weren’t redirected.


The Process:

Distil Digital started with a technical website audit to give them a strategy on what can be improved and implemented in the future. But that was not the main solution, no old copy, site layout and backlinks were backed.
Daniel, our SEO specialist, discovered not all old pages redirected to new URLs, and they also took away ranking pages due to the new website design.
He immediately went to our Backlink tools, retrieved as much of their backlink information as possible that were in the archives of the software and went to wayback machine to retrieve any old copy.

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Case Studies

SEO - Website Migration

Mavericks Revue Bar
Project Details

Client: Mat Advertising
Year: 2017
Services: SEO

Campaign Goals
  • Get organic traffic back
  • Rank for relevant keywords again
Campaign Results
  • recovered organic traffic
  • got all previous ranked keywords to rank again & more
  • implemented href=lang tag for landing pages

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