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Our highly experienced Google-accredited consultants are qualified and ready to deliver. Google AdWords management campaign means highly qualified website traffic. Just give us the go-ahead.

At Distil Digital, we work hard to drive qualified traffic to your website, and Google Adwords is one of our main vehicles for getting you there. With Google Adwords, you only have to pay when someone clicks through to your website making it a great platform and a cost effective way to get your website the exposure and traffic that it needs.

Why Google AdWords:

Correct use of Google Adwords has shown time and time again to improve the flow of traffic to websites. More traffic to your website means more revenue, increased revenue is the true measure of growth for your business, and that’s the ultimate goal.

In order for your business to avoid becoming stagnated, you’ll need to improve your brand awareness online and we believe Google Adwords is a great way to do this.

Google Adwords has the ability to quickly increase your visibility online, and as we all know, time is of the essence. Other resources can take time and a lot of effort. Growth is vital to any business and the quicker you get results, the faster you can grow.

Google Adwords can provide a lot of valuable data which we can use to learn from in order to improve many other aspects of our SEO efforts.

With our focus on growth and ROI, we adopt an all inclusive approach to the way we go about Google Adwords management.

How we achieve this:

  • We do our research to find the most effective keywords.
  • We measure and evaluate data to improve campaigns.
  • Adjust all elements affecting your online presence.
  • Work at increasing the click-through and conversion rate of your website.
  • Keep acquisition costs low while increasing ROI.

Let’s discuss the way forward, we’re ready to liaise with you when you are!

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Benefits of PPC
  • Benefits of PPC (Paid Media)

  • Results are easy to measure and track

  • Improves brand awareness

  • Increases revenue

Paid Media (PPC) FAQs
  • How does PPC payment works?
    • In search engines, paid search advertisers engage in an auction-based network where the cost-per-click varies depending on device, time of day, day of the week, ad ranking and position.

      • How many ads should we have in every ad group?

      Google suggests creating 4 to 5 ads per group as a best practice in order for the platform to identify the top-performing variations of headlines and description lines.

      • Should I bid on my own brand terms?

      For eight out of ten companies, the answer is yes. Why? Because brand terms are generally less expensive than non-brand prospecting terms.

    Keep in Mind!

    There are two main types of PPC advertising:

    • There are two main types of PPC advertising:
    • Paid Search Ads have a significantly higher visibility than organic results and appear as links in Google. This can potentially attract prospective users to your website instead of that of your competitors.
    • Social Media Advertising allows your ads to appear in feeds on social media platforms. You can even target specific demographics and devices.


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