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Amy Holland: Content Writer

If you want to keep track of what people on Twitter are saying about topics and brands that you’re interested in or work with, Twazzup is the perfect tool for you! It’s a useful app that allows you to get the full-scope of your brand’s performance as well.

In the left sidebar, it allows you to check out a real-time stream of updates which can include a specific keyword, you’ll also find a a ‘top RT links’ section further down. In the right sidebar, you can view the related top tweets, a list of top tweeted stories, as well as related images from twitpic. Twazzup is a great tool that can help you better define which topics are good to expand on and which ones not, it also helps you keep track of the really great keywords as well as the most active users for those keywords.



  • Keep track of your brand’s performance
  • Easily see which topics & keywords are doing great
  • Find active influencers for specific topics
  • Helps you select the best topics to write about

Not only is this a streamlined and efficient tool for all things Twitter-related, it’s also completely free!


  • Real Time Updates
  • Popular Tweets
  • Trend Makers
  • Related Photos
  • Most Popular Links
  • Ten Keywords Associated with Your Search
Twazzup is an essential social media monitoring tool for Twitter which can help your business exponentially improve its social media game.
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