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Amy Holland: Content Writer

Social Locker is a great tool for anybody who wants to improve their social presence. It allows you to build a strong following and generate more social likes, shares and ultimately more traffic to your website.

Social Locker is a highly popular WordPress plugin that allows you to “lock away” your best content until a visitor likes, shares, +1s or tweets your page. The best way to get the most out of Social Locker is to create an incentive for visitors to want to share, like or tweet, and once they’ve done that, new content will be made available to them.


  • Boost your social media presence
  • Generate social likes and shares
  • Increase your amount of followers
  • Direct traffic to your website through your social media networks



  • The free version allows you 3 social buttons.
  • You can set URL’s to be liked, tweeted or +1ed.
  • Use the built-in advanced analytics to identify which lockers on which pages are doing well and which one’s aren’t.
  • Attention-grabbing styles and effects.
  • It’s SEO-friendly, allowing search bots to find your locked content
  • A variety of 4 different locks, lock content manually via shortcodes, or use “Skip & Lock”, “More Tag” or “CSS Selector”.
  • Compatible with Visual Composer.
  • Mobile optimised.
Social Locker is completely free, and also has a premium version providing you with lots of extra features.
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