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Amy Holland: Content Writer

RescueTime is a web-based time management and analytics tool that’s perfect for improving employee productivity and general efficiency in the workplace. If you want to track your productivity on a day to day basis, RescueTime is a productivity app that helps you do just that.

It automatically captures the time you spend being productive as well as the amount of time you spend being distracted. Certain websites and applications can be considered very distractive so you teach the application which ones are productive for you and which ones aren’t by creating specified categories. It tracks you throughout the day and gives you a rough idea of just how much time you spend on each website or application, making you more aware of your productivity, or perhaps lack thereof. A handy filter function allows you to filter your information and lets you view specific details about the time spent on a specific website.



  • Helps you to improve productivity
  • Automatically track productive and non-productive time
  • Compare your information from day-to-day
  • Filter to view activity on a single app

RescueTime Lite is a completely free version of this tool!


RescueTime Lite

  • Free Forever
  • Automatically track time on sites & in apps(3 months of historical data)
  • Set goals and see your progress in a weekly email report
  • Works across platforms (desktop, mobile, browser)
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