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Hello Bar promises to convert visitors into customers! They create notification bars and also exit intents for the purpose of stopping visitors from leaving your website.

Use Hello Bar to grow your email list, promote offers and improve social engagement by using modal popups, full-page takeovers and slide-ins that entice your website’s visitors to click. Choose from multiple templates and customise your notification design so that it flows seamlessly with the design of your website.

Hello Bar


  • Collect emails via an opt-in form
  • Drive traffic to a specific URL
  • Generate sales by telling people about a promotion
  • Use it to make an announcement
  • Let people call you with a single click
  • Drive social engagement to your social media channels

Hello Bar has a version that’s completely free!


  • Starter – Free Forever
  • Views 5,000 /mo
  • # of Popups Limit of 10
  • # of Subscribers Unlimited
  • Design Features Basic
  • Targeting Features Device Type Only
  • A/B Testing 1 Live Test
  • Integrations Basic
  • Growth – $29/mo
  • Views 50,000 /mo
  • # of Popups Unlimited
  • # of Subscribers Unlimited
  • Design Features Advanced
  • Targeting Features Advanced
  • A/B Testing Unlimited Tests
  • Integrations Advanced
  • Remove HB Logo
  • Elite – $99/mo
  • Views 500,000 /mo
  • # of Popups Unlimited
  • # of Subscribers Unlimited
  • Design Features Premium
  • Targeting Features Premium
  • A/B Testing Unlimited Tests
  • Integrations Premium
  • Premium Support
  • Remove HB Logo

Hello Bar is a service for websites that helps you achieve more sales and grow your email list by allowing you to design customised messages for your visitors.

Hello Bar

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