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Amy Holland: Content Writer

Idea sandbox is a great resource that offers a wide selection of free tools to helps with the brainstorming process and helps you to get inspired and generate fresh ideas and even organize those ideas, great for content marketers and bloggers alike.

You can get information on anything by simply typing in what you want to see most and it will pull articles related to the topic you searched for. They have everything from inspirational and helpful articles on whatever topic you choose, to an idea prioritizer that lets you sort your ideas from highest to lowest priority, saving you time and energy.

Idea Sandbox has an Excel-based decision making template that allows you to present it with a question, you then provide multiple answers to this question and rank each answer, perfect for organizing a creative brain! You can use the “Bigdig” tool to find seemingly random ideas collected from great writers and thinkers to inspire fresh thought, if you don’t like what you got, you can “dig” again and come up with something completely new. Idea Sandbox even has a selection of “word” tools that can help you find the perfect brand or product name, or simply just help you put your thoughts into words effectively and efficiently.


  • Multiple tools at your fingertips
  • Saves you time sifting through your thoughts and ideas
  • Helps you generate new content ideas quickly and easily


  • Use search bar to search for relevant articles
  • Excel-based decision making template
  • BigDig to search for randomized ideas
  • Downloadable brainstorming brief
  • Pre-selected helpful articles
  • Selection of naming tools
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Brainstorming & Idea Generation Tools

Some of the most effective tools to assist you with your entire problem-solving… from problem identification, through leading a project and implementation.

  • Great Reads – books related to innovation, creativity and problem-solving to explore.
  • Compendium of Idea Generation Methods – huge collection of brainstorm techniques.
  • Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Process – excellent overview of the process Idea Sandbox uses for problem-solving and innovation.
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