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Amy Holland: Content Writer

If you want to up your game on Facebook and give your audience all the right posts that they’re sure to love, then Sprout Social’s Facebook Fanpage Analysis is a must have.

It helps you track your growth and even helps you determine which days of the week are the best to post. You can view your top performing posts, check out how many likes, views, comments and shares they received, so you can gain a better understanding of what your audience really wants. It can be a great tool for an agency managing multiple client accounts and it allows you to create reports worthy of your clients.


  • Get A greater understanding of your Facebook Impressions.
  • Track and analyse of your page growth.
  • Find out which posts are getting the most interactions from your fans.


  • Get access to all impressions, engagements and clicks in an easy to understand graph format
  • View your likes breakdown day by day
  • Check out snapshots of your content mix so you can track how often you’re sharing links, photos and videos etc.
Sprout Social has a free 30 day trial.
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