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Amy Holland: Content Writer

You want your website to rank well, but oftentimes certain pages on your website will lack internal links directed to them, making it difficult for Google to find and crawl them. That’s where XML sitemaps can sometimes be needed.

XML Sitemaps can be great for SEO, it can be useful in helping Google find your most important pages much quicker, essentially helping you rank better. So if you have a very large website with large archives, or a new website with only a few external links directed to it, or perhaps a website that’s jam-packed full of rich media content, then you’ll find XML Sitemap particularly beneficial.


  • Helps your most important pages get found and crawled by Google much faster.
  • You can rank better on Google.
  • Great for very large sites and websites densely packed with rich media content.


  • Create an XML sitemap which can be submitted to Google, Bing or other search engines.
  • You can create a Text sitemap so you can have a list of all your pages.
  • Generate an HTML site map which will make navigation through your site much simpler.
XML Sitemap is completely free!
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