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Amy Holland: Content Writer

Every marketer needs to know how to strategically and effectively improve their content marketing strategy. You’ll need help from the best tools available to create high performing content that engages your audience.

Buzzsumo is a fantastic tool that does just that and so much more!

It can help you to understand your audience, what they engage with and what they share the most.
The main purpose of Buzzsumo is to keep you informed, you can look back as far as 12 months to see which topics were trending in social media. You can see what was shared and by whom and how your competitors stack up, allowing you to really push your contents performance to the next level.


  • You can analyze data and trends
  • See what is getting shared on social media
  • Discover influencers who can share your content
  • Assess your current content


Buzzsumo has various paid plans ranging from very basic to more custom plans, namely:

  • Pro-Unlimited Searches; 5 Alerts, 5,000 mentions
  • Plus-Unlimited Searches; 10 Alerts, 10,000 mentions; Question Analyzer
  • Large-Unlimited Searches; 30 Alerts; 20,000 mentions, Question Analyzer, Facebook Analyzer
  • Enterprise-Unlimited Searches; 50+ Alerts; Question Analyzer; Facebook Analyzer

They also have a limited free version available to users wanting to try them out!

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Buzzsumo: If you want to know what content is shared the most across platforms to find out what to create, then buzzsumo does a great job.

Popular tool amongst Search Engine Marketers, Social Media Marketers and Content Writers.

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