Sell on Amazon

Take full advantage of our CMS to sell your products on a variety of platforms, such as your online store, social media and online marketplaces, as well as many other online sales channels.

By selling on Amazon, you’ll have access to a much greater customer base than ever before which means you’ll be able to earn far more with very little effort.

How to sell with the Amazon sales channel

Stay up to date with your products and orders across both Amazon and our CMS. With Amazon sales channels, you simply need to link your existing Amazon listings to your online store’s admin. Create listings for new products you put on Amazon as well as creating and managing offers for existing products. You’ll also be able to receive notifications on your online store for any Amazon orders.

Why sell on Amazon

Once your online store is up and running on our CMS, we highly recommend the use of Amazon sales channels, with so many advantages, it’s easy to understand why.

Just some of the advantages of selling on Amazon:

  • Large potential customer base
  • Amazon is highly reputable and trustworthy
  • Amazon Prime can help you to increase your revenue
  • No listing fee, you’re only charged after you make a sale
  • Opportunity to fetch higher prices on your products
  • Amazon gives opportunity to all, including the little guy
  • Amazon is a great space to test the market for a product
  • Dramatically increase traffic to your online store
  • Promote your products with Amazon Associates

    What you’ll need

    If you’re based in the United States, getting started with selling on Amazon is as simple as clicking a link. For businesses outside of the USA, there are a few extra requirements:

    • A Credit Card capable of being charged internationally
    • A bank that’s ACH/Automated Clearing House supported
    • Your home address
    • A local telephone number with your country’s prefix
    • A US EIN number, which can be obtained by filling out the 10-BEN (Application for Employer Identification Number) on

    Case Studies:

    Web Development

    Web Design

    Content Marketing


    Benefits of Amazon
    • Amazon has the Numbers
    • Infrastructure That’s Hard to Compete With
    • Customers Value Ease of Shopping
    Sell on Amazon FAQs
    • Why use WordPress?

    WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS)

    • What’s a Plugin?

    A plugin is an existing piece of code that adds a specific functionality to a website.

    • Why do I need to install updates?

    Installing updates to your WordPress website are essential to maintaining the security of your website.

    • Can I easily edit everything in WordPress?

    WordPress is designed to be user-friendly for non-technical users.

    Keep in Mind!

    Before setting up your own Amazon store, it’s worth taking the time to cover the basics of selling things on Amazon. Even if you’re familiar with Amazon as a shopper, the way it works for sellers is quite different.


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