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What is a Google Shopping sales channel

Google Shopping is a service that lets your customers compare and also purchase products from a variety of retailers who pay to have their products displayed. When a product is googled, the results display thumbnail images and states the name of the retailer of each product and its price.

How to sell with Google Shopping sales channel
Getting your products featured in Google Shopping results is as easy as setting up a Google Merchant Centre account. Once that’s up and running, we’ll then be able to optimize your product imagery and insert your product feed data, we’ll then link your Google AdWords account and create a campaign.

Next, we’ll choose your bidding strategy and set your campaign budget which will directly influence how users see your products. We select all the particulars for your preferred target audience, schedule your campaign, and finally build ad groups.


Why sell on Google Shopping

  • Creates an immediate visually-interactive shopping experience
  • Lets you rank repeatedly in Google SERPs
  • Gain access to 30% higher conversion rates in comparison to text ads
  • Advanced audience targeting options i.e. geographic location and mobile use
  • You have control over how much you spend to market your business

Case Studies:

Web Development

Web Design

Content Marketing


Benefits of Google Shopping
  • Rank repeatedly in Google SERPs
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Access to advanced audience targeting options
Google Shopping FAQs
  • Is it safe to buy from Google Shopping?
    • Google can not pretend that they are somehow not responsible for what appears on google shopping anymore than a department store can say they are not responsible for the products they carry.

      • Is Google Shopping Free?

      It’s now free to sell on Google

    Keep in Mind!

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