I very good approach to UX Design or as the UX Cat lady says: “This is my approach when working on projects – I try to follow the Design Thinking approach as far as possible, but I also strongly believe that we shouldn’t blindly stare at theoretical methodologies as the only way to do things.”

When I saw this approach, I knew I wanted to share this with my audience. I can’t state enough how much I love a good workflow. You’ll never really follow them 100% for every client, but they’re good indicators and they help a lot when educating teams.

So why do I like this approach?

Let’s look at my SEO Workflow.


  • Audit
  • Research (Keywords & Competitors)
  • Site Architecture
  • Technical
  • Onsite
  • Content Strategy
  • Social
  • Outreach

When I do SEO, one of my steps is “Website Architecture”, I can only give input from an SEO perspective, but it will generally lack when it comes to UX. Due to the impressive workflow that the UX Cat Lady uses, I would onboard her to do UX for me on any of my clients!

By the time I got to Architecture/Mobile & Sitespeed, she would have conducted all her research and gathered all the necessary information.

These are my first two steps: 1. Audit & 2. Research. Audit lets me analyze all the data, research allows me to align their goals with the rest of the industry. I then set up all the workflows and KPI’s.

This is why workflows are so important, not just to always follow it yourself, but it can help align work.

Now I know I can use her information to align SEO tasks around UX, and I can give my information to UX to further help her decisions.

For clients, I can then create a Timeframe that clearly shows how SEO and UX can be aligned without competing against each other.

SEO shouldn’t try to be UX, and UX shouldn’t try to be SEO, instead they should use each others XP and create as I would say, a good Search Engine Experience.

Give the customer an awesome Search Engine Experience from the start, right through the whole website, to the final conversion step.

Want to get hold of the UX Cat Lady!

Website: http://uxcatlady.com/

And she even has a book, yes she’s that cool:


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