What’s new with the latest Screaming Frog Update 12.0:

The update includes PageSpeed Insights integration, auto-saves for database storage mode and a customizable GUI, amongst other improvements.

1) PageSpeed Insights Integration – Lighthouse Metrics, Opportunities & CrUX Data

With the new update you are now able to gain valuable insights about page speed during a crawl. Screaming Frog introduced a new ‘PageSpeed’ tab and integrated the PSI API which uses Lighthouse, and allows you to pull in Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) data and Lighthouse metrics, as well as analyse speed opportunities and diagnostics at scale.

2) Resume Previously Lost or Crashed Crawls

You’re now able to resume from an otherwise ‘lost’ crawl in database storage mode.
Whether power cut, operating system update, you can now resume previous crawls. If any of the above happens, you can then go and just open it back up via the ‘File > Crawls’ menu and resume the crawl.

3) Custom Search Improvements

“Custom Search has been separated from extraction into its own tab, and you can now have up to 100 search filters.

A dedicated tab allows the SEO Spider to display all filter data together, so you can combine filters and export combined.”

4) Redirect Chain Report Improvements

Based upon user feedback, Screaming Frog have split up the ‘Redirect & Canonical Chains’ report into three.

You can now choose to export ‘All Redirects’ (1:1 redirects and chains together), ‘Redirect Chains’ (just redirects with 2+ redirects) and ‘Redirect & Canonical Chains’ (2+ redirects, or canonicals in a chain).

Link to Screaming Frog Article on latest update:


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