The new beta version of Google Search Console shows different data in some cases.


new google search console search data

search console data

I have specifically selected 7 days, as I did not know if I select, 28 days and older if the data will be skewed since the Beta version is new, and might not have taken all data over from the old/current Search Console version.

I have searched to find answers why we still see a difference in data, but could not find anything on Google Blogs & Support sites.

My question is, why is it different, and does this mean the old/current Search Console been reporting wrong data or is the new Search Console showing wrong data, and will be fixed as the Full Version is busy being rolled out?

“…On top of all this, the Search Analytics report now extends to 16 months of data which is a total game changer for us” – Noah Szubski, Chief Product Officer

If Google has 16 months of data, they must have used the old/current Search Consoles data.

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