The Challenge

Content taken from the client’s top Forum threads were added to the blog, ensuring to keep the top threads before taking the forum down. The content writer at Distil Digital wrote short summarized content, followed by the original thread.

This worked well, but the bounce rate was still way too high.

There was a lot of going back and forth to the drawing board to analyse the best way to optimize these articles.

The Solution

Distil Digital turned the summarized articles into proper articles, taking the topics covered in the articles. The SEO specialist at Distil Digital looked at queries in Search Console that were relevant to articles, adding those queries and answering them, while also looking at competitors, making sure to add some of the competitors’ related topics to the articles. Additionally, the layout of the articles were changed. 

We started with 8 articles in September 2019. Below you’ll see Landing Page Data from Google Analytics for All Channels.

This is to see if the articles were successful in lowering Bounce Rate, improved Avg. pages per session, and Click Through Rate. 

“We also saw on some pages, Bounce Rate went up but the avg. time also went up. This is sometimes because the article is successful, the reader stays to read the article, and the question gets answered in the article and then they leave again.”

Organic Landing Pages:

Comparing Different Channels (Landing Pages)

The Conclusion

A lot of the time clients want to see loads of content topic ideas from the start, as well as content scheduled for the blog post, however, it’s usually best if they sit back so we can analyse current content and optimise accordingly.

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