The Challenge

We were approached by a law firm that already had an agency doing their SEO. Once we analysed all their relevant data, we saw that the organic traffic to the client’s website was increasing. They also had great backlinks due to the strong relationships they established with authoritative property websites, and by analysing their “onsite” data, we could see that the previous agency did a really good job.

  • Increase Organic Traffic
  • Improve Bounce Rate
  • Improve Conversion Rate (Contact)

The Solution

The client had loads of good content on their blog, so it was clear that coming up with new topics wasn’t immediately necessary. The first thing we did was turn to Google Search Console and select QUERIES, what we wanted to see first was their IMPRESSIONS and AVG RANK. 

IMPRESSIONS were filtered from highest to lowest so we could easily select the queries with high impressions, these queries would need to hold an AVG position, between 7 – 13.

We then gathered the data of the pages which were ranking for each of those queries.

We made sure we placed those queries within the content, either in titles, or extra sections we had to create in the articles to accommodate the query.

The next step

We analysed the articles which were performing below average (receiving less organic traffic), took the topic and/or article title, searching in Google for the top-performing competing pages, and also scraped the “People Also Ask” queries.

Here we had a couple of options after we collected the data:

  1. Optimise existing content (this was our first priority),
  2. Create Sub-Topic articles, and interlink relevant articles, or
  3. Create new pillar articles.

For more information on Main Topics/Pillars read:
Topic Clusters: The Next Evolution of SEO

We decided it was best not to create the typical Pillar Page, but to instead create main topics with sub-topics.


Pillar Page/Topic:
What Do Conveyancing Attorneys Do

Sub Topics:

  • Transferring Attorneys
  • Registering Attorney
  • Cancellation Attorneys

Results | Conclusion:

At Distil Digital, we carefully analyse DATA before starting any work. It’s so easy to mess up SEO that’s actually already good, sometimes, small changes are all it takes.

We started on 3 June 2018

In our first year, compare to the previous year we increased Organic Traffic by:

Organic Conversions Increased by:

Impressions & Clicks:


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