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Content Optimisation | Law Firm | SEO

The ChallengeWe were approached by a law firm that already had an agency doing their SEO. Once we analysed all their relevant data, we saw that the organic traffic to the client’s website was increasing. They also had great backlinks due to the strong relationships...

Content Optimisation | eCommerce Website | SEO

The Challenge Content taken from the client’s top Forum threads were added to the blog, ensuring to keep the top threads before taking the forum down. The content writer at Distil Digital wrote short summarized content, followed by the original thread. This worked...

Basic Website Migration | SEO

The Challenge Our SEO Specialist Daniel was approached by an Advertising Agency that wanted to do their own website build. After the new website went live, their client’s website started ranking less for their top keywords, and the traffic to their website dropped....

UX Cat Lady | UX & SEO | Workflow | Case Study

I very good approach to UX Design or as the UX Cat lady says: "This is my approach when working on projects - I try to follow the Design Thinking approach as far as possible, but I also strongly believe that we shouldn't blindly stare at theoretical methodologies as...

Case Study | Single Page Application Indexing

How To get a Single Page Application IndexedThe Challenge Relying heavily on JavaScript to render your page content and provide navigation functionality, brings with it well-known risks in terms of technical SEO, indexing and linkability challenges. Here, I had to...
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