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An attractive landing page with data-driven creativity is important for any business to have. We employ a well-structured process to analyse insights while continually optimising your website. To have an online presence that outshines your competitors, it’s important to always keep in constant motion and that’s what we strive for.

1: Landing pages built at speed & tested

with equal efficiency

At Distil Digital, we put great care in building and designing landing pages that are individually suited to your business. You’ll find no cookie-cutting here, we make sure to build and optimise your landing pages according to your exact requirements and the needs of your audience.

We know that having great landing pages are extremely important to your conversion rate and make all the difference to your business, so we set out to create a workable range of landing pages for your website.

This allows us to test and accurately assess how the audience responds, and make sure our landing page designs work with your existing brand and image.

We work hard to create attractive landing pages as quickly as possible so that we can test that they’re delivering optimum results. Our goal is to present an end product that is impactful, visually appealing, and device-friendly for both mobile and desktop. We test and analyse for all these areas and make changes where necessary.


2: Heat maps added to the site

Your landing pages are the first thing your customer will interact with, that’s why making sure they’re measuring up to the customer’s expectations is so important. It needs to clearly communicate what you’re selling and convince your customer of your experience and reliability. When it’s done right, you’ll create an easy and memorable customer experience. However, get it wrong, and you lose an opportunity to convert your visitor into a customer.

We at Distill Digital know how important it is to have a landing page that is optimised to convert effectively. This is why we make use of heat maps. We use heat maps to track where your customer clicks and scrolls and where they spend the most time on your website. In no time at all, we’ll be able to see where your landing page is falling short, whether your visitors are missing out on important parts of your page that they should be noticing or overlooking buttons and call-to-actions. With this important feedback, we can now go ahead and make changes accordingly.


3: Gauging audience feedback

To get the most out of your website, we’ll need to measure the feedback from your audience, this can be done by performing A/B tests.

To perform an accurate test, we theorize an ideal outcome and then we can test it. We do this by sending select parts of your traffic to different pages. This way we can compare the results of each group of visitors and their actions and pick the one that that worked best. By doing this multiple times, we’re able to identify an ideal page. Every test reveals new and valuable information about your visitors and you can use this information to get them to convert. We don’t just want to know that your visitors are now converting, we want to know why they converted, and why others haven’t.

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Benefits of Landing Pages
  • Re-inforce your business goals
  • Target specific SEO keywords
  • Create data and insights
  • Boost conversions
  • Use data to improve paid search campaigns
  • Grow your email list
Landing Page FAQs


  • What Is a Landing Page?

    A landing page is a dedicated, campaign-specific webpage that drives visitors to complete a single marketing goal or call to action.

  • Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

    Landing pages are proven to convert more effectively, as they’re are typically built with a single conversion goal in mind.

Keep in Mind!

The reason we place so much value on landing pages is because they give us insight into the customer’s advertisement selection process. All your visitors will generally gain access to your landing pages through links from ad campaigns and any email marketing efforts you are likely engaging in.


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