• Vocal Sins Pages get approved
  • Vocal Sins Get Content approved
  • Create Pages for Vocal Sins
  • 6 Podcast Articles
  • Internal Link Building
  • Assist with new website migration
  • 2 x articles:
    • 12-Step Plan for Effective & Engaging Virtual Training Sessions
    • What are the benefits of virtual training?


  • 2 Blog Posts (written by Alistair) optimised by Distil Digital
  • Upload Vlog (with short Summary) – Distil Digital
  • 3 Articles for Podcasts
  • Optimise Titles & Descriptions
  • Outreach 10 relevant directories (authoritative directories)


  • Blog Transcripts x 3
  • Blog posts x 2
    • 5 Ways To Get Your Audience Involved
    • How active listening can be used to communicate effectively online
  • Title & Description Tags for all new blog posts
  • Internal Linking
  • Outreach to reputable directories x 5
  • Research for Youtube video content
  • Youtube optimisation


  • Blog summaries for Podcasts x 10
  • Podcasts Transcripts x 5
  • Title & Description Tags for all new blog posts
  • Add podcasts to website
  • Assist with articles
    • Alistair to pick & SEO give input
    • And SEO sugest topics to Alistair


  • Markup blog posts (Schema/Structured Data)
  • 2 x Podcast articles for website
  • Title & Description tags
  • Find podcast platforms to distribute to
  • Add podcasts to website
  • Assist with articles (Alistair to pick)
  • Get on 3 – 5 relevant directories/platforms (not for higher ranking) but get mentions



  • Implement/Create new pages
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Check that XML Sitemap updataed
  • Expand on blog categories
  • Group existing blog posts into relevant blog categories
  • Guides: Add guide ideas to content dashboard
  • Write Vocal Sins
  • Write Onsite Content
  • Optimise live blog posts
  • 6 Month blog content strategy setup in dashboard
  • Scrape competitors for blog ideas
  • Scrape competitors for guide ideas
  • Website Structure | Phase 1
  • Keyword Research – Vocal Sins
  • Vocal Sins Content Brief Setup
  • Onsite Pages & New Pages Content Brief Setup
  • Blog Categories Added | Phase 1

Technical Tasks:

  • Heading 1
  • Change Blog URL “slug”
  • Remove Archive Pages
  • Meta Descriptions (29 pages)
  • Installed Structured Data plugin
  • Custom 404 Page created

Quick Overview:


Jabba’s organic traffic and overall data had a good month. The biggest increase was the time spent on the jabba.io website. With more traffic coming to the website the more data we are getting to improve our focus each month towards the most relevant keywords and queries to target, based on what we learn from the visitors.

For August we are focusing to get the vocal sins pages approved and content. This is the beginning of a bigger SEO campaign for the blog and outreach. It will require some  page design as well.

We are writing 6 articles for podcasts in August. And will finish it off with an internal link building task.

Distil Digital will also update the keywords we are monitoring in the keyword ranking tool, and focus on the words we are currently ranking for, and the main ones that we are going to target in the upcoming months aligned with brand strategy. 


Quick Wins:

Organic traffic improved all round.

Month-on-Month: (July vs June)

Google Analytics
Google Analytics – Direct Users 31 vs 34 (-8.82%)
Google Analytics – Organic Users  44 vs 31(+41.94%)
Google Analytics – Organic New Users 36 vs 26 (+38.46%)
Google Analytics – Organic Bounce Rate 51.35% vs 52.86% (2.85%)
Avg. Session Duration – Organic 00:11:44 vs 00:06:10 (90.20%)


Search Console (3 months)
Impressions 5900 vs 1300
Clicks 109 vs 76

Below we have a graph of organic traffic.
This is an easy way to see our progress in terms of organic traffic 


Keyword Rankings & Search Engine Visibility (Need to run keywords against competitors still)


Keyword Ranking Distribution

The Visibility score is calculated considering a proprietary formula, based on the keyword rankings retrieved during the updates. The score reflects the progress of your websites in search, across all keywords and search engines targeted in a project.

To calculate the Visibility score, AWR Cloud assigns a number of points to each of the first 30 positions, as follows:

  • Position 1 = 30 points
  • Position 2 = 29 points



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